Things to Remember When Hosting a Conference

by Editor on May 20, 2013

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Putting On a Conference: Five Things to Remember

If you want to succeed when organizing a conference, you have to plan thoroughly and ahead of time. This is since such an event requires substantial time, effort, and preparation. Most importantly, they require the services of an experienced conference planner. On the other hand though, if a conference planner cannot be hired, there are five helpful tips that can be followed to help make a conference successful.

Tip #1: Price it Right

If admission prices are too high, it will be unlikely that a large amount of people will be able to attend the conference. While many employers will want to send their workers to a conference, with high prices, it simply becomes not affordable. On the contrary, if admission prices are too low, the status of the conference may be viewed as unprofessional. It is good to find a price that will suit everyone. Charging anymore than $50 a person is about as high as the admission price should be. Furthermore, group discounts should be offered. For example, if a group of eight people or more are going to attend the conference, they should get a 20 percent discount on each ticket bought. For groups of 20 or more, a 40 percent discount should be offered.

Tip #2: Provide Good Content

If good content is not presented during a conference, there is little chance that attendees will come back the next year. It is imperative to hire experienced speakers as well as ones that have strong reputations. Although these types of speakers can be expensive to hire, they are well worth the investment.

Tip #3: Use Social Media

Social media is key in being able to organize a successful conference. Promotions for the conference can be carried out free of charge through social media, and better yet, key attendees will become aware that the conference is taking place. Great social media sites to advertise on include Facebook, Twitter and Google+. These sites are also advantageous to promote a conference on because invited persons can RSVP virtually.

Tip #4: Have Everyone Wear Name Badges

Everyone that attends the conference, including staff members, should wear name badges. In doing this, it becomes easier for everyone to get to know each other. Also, it becomes easier for attendees to recognize staff members. By being able to recognize staff members, attendees can easily have any questions they have answered. Also, if someone directs an attendee to a certain staff member, by wearing name badges, it is simpler to identify the person being looked for.

Tip #5: Be Willing to Adapt

No matter how detailed a conference is planned out, chances are, something will come up causing certain things to change. It is necessary for conference planners to not only anticipate change but also to be willing to adapt. There should be a Plan B set up for everything; this way, when something happens, there will already be a solution to the issue. It is especially important to have back-up speakers in place in the event that the expected speakers are unable to attend.

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